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How To Lighten Your Load Not Your Pocketbook

Travel Scuba_Jenn COMMENTS 07 Dec, 2016

Part 1: Research

Learning to scuba dive opens a whole new world and exotic destinations you can explore. Traveling to dive resorts can represent challenges when trying to figure out what to take and what to leave behind. Airline baggage fees are expensive and can result in a nasty surprise when you go to check-in and find you owe another $75 for your luggage being 5 lbs. overweight.  This past dive to Cozumel I received a compliment from our taxi driver how light my dive buddy Krista and I packed for a week long trip:  1 bag each plus a back pack we used for a carry-on.  This is part 1 in a series on scuba travel and how not to over-pack.

Best place to start when you have a dive trip planned is personal research.  Are your dive skills fresh?  Did your regulator make a whistle or was hard to breath last time you dove? Please have your gear checked at least a month prior to your trip and make sure you have followed the manufacturers service guidelines.  Scubapro recommends your regulator to be serviced every two years or 100 dives to maintain the warranty.   If possible contact the Playground Dive Shop to see about a review/refresher course to both refresh your skills and test your dive gear.

The week prior to leaving, your next step to packing is with your computer by researching. Google the destination and find out local dive conditions, water temperatures, current/upcoming weather patterns and/or even contact your resort for recommendations on wet suits, attire at the resort etc.  Also research your airline to find out size and weight restrictions.  I carry the Delta American Express Sky-miles card which costs $90 annually but I get 1 free checked bag each way up to 9 persons on my itinerary.  On a recent trip to Cozumel this saved our group $450.

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Once you have researched your data for the trip, the next step is to choose the gear best suited for your dive destination.

My next part will cover the perfect gear to pack for your dive trip!

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