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DIVE SITES Dive Sites at Beaver Lake

Below are most of the dive sites the Playground Dive Shop dives while at Beaver Lake.  

Beaver DiversUW CarBluffs

  • The Bluffs- (Shore Dive. Day Use area $5 parking fee)Situated at the far end of the day use area, the Bluff's is a favorite of many divers.  Stair step bluffs decend into the water gradually making it a perfect site for Open Water classes.  Sunk approximately 45-50 ft along the bottom of the bluffs before the tree line are several statues and a double decker house boat.
  • North Dam Site Dive Park- (Shore Dive. Day Use area $5 parking fee)  Located just north of the boat ramp, the North Dam Site Park is a treasure trove of sunken objects to see.  From Volkswagen bug, boats, planes, cars much more items.  There is even a training platform to allow for students to keep off the bottom so they do not stir up the silt. 
  • Rogers Cove- (Shore Dive. Day Use area $5 parking fee)  Roger's Cove is the first parking area on Dam Site Rd coming from HWY 187.  Great dive training area with training platform,  schools of fish.
  • DS Cove- (Shore Dive.  Difficult Entry)  Located on the North side of the dam the entry is the last pull off before Dam Site Road.  There is  a slight hill to maneuver down which can be tricky with dive gear, but at shore side there is a pebbly beach area with a sloping bottom.  Training platform in the water and small bluffs are home to several fish.
  • Day Use Swim Area- (Shore Dive. Day Use area $5 parking fee) Located North of Beaver Dam in the first parking lot area where the roped off section of the swim beach is on the right side. Schools of fish and several sunken objects to investigate.
  • Day Use Swim Area Dam Side- (Shore Dive. Day Use area $5 parking fee)  Located North of Beaver Dam in the first parking lot area on the west side of the shelter house.  Nice pebbly entryway sloping bottom toward dam.  Lots of fish and objects in the water.
  • Foundations- (Boat Dive) Great boat dive and dive park in the cove in front of C & J Sports. Has school bus, plane and other fun things to see .

Currently at time of writing the day use fee is $5 but is subject to change.