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SPECTRUM DIVE TEAM Adaptive diving for all individuals

Spectrum Dive Team


Scuba diving has shown numerous advantages as a social and physical rehabilitation of special needs individuals, allowing them to interact in a near weightless state, with many feeling that the normal obstacles and restrictions their limitation gives them on land, disappears in water when given the right equipment and training.

It is common knowledge that participating in regular recreational activities, which involves physical exercise, is rewarded with better health, both physically and mentally. Scuba diving is also a social sport, and as such can have a tremendous positive effect on special need divers and their ability to be inclusive in the dive environment.

PADI Professionals have a long and successful history of working with divers with special needs. PADI’s approach to diver education is (and always has been) inclusive: Everyone who meets a course’s prerequisites is welcome to enroll. The PADI Adaptive Techniques Specialty course builds on that foundation by enhancing the training PADI Professionals receive, and preparing them for student-centered and prescriptive approaches when adapting techniques to meet diver needs.

Do you want to learn how to best support a dive buddy who has a physical or mental challenge? The PADI® Adaptive Support Diver course will increase your awareness of divers’ varying abilities, and explores adaptive techniques to apply while diving or freediving with a buddy with a disability.

PADI Open Water Divers who are at least 15 years old and have completed the EFR Primary and Secondary Care course within 24 months are eligible to take the PADI Adaptive Support Diver course. It is also recommended that you complete the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course beforehand so that you have better awareness of trim.


Every person fits on the spectrum in some respect.  Some limitations are physical while others have mental limitations.  No matter where you fit on the spectrum, scuba diving can be a benefit to you!  We would like to challenge you to try our program.


This will vary from individual to individual but the benefits are wide ranging and often life changing. Here are just a few. Apart from getting exercise, disabled divers report that scuba diving gives them:

  • Enhanced movement – They can move their limbs in a way they can’t on land
  • A sense of freedom they never experience on land
  • Relief from anxiety and stress (there is a lot of evidence that scuba plays an big part in helping veterans overcome post-traumatic stress syndrome)
  • A feeling of being in control again
  • Confidence
  • Equality with able bodied people
  • Self belief

How do you start?

Before you do anything else, visit your doctor just to make sure it’s ok for you to learn to dive. Then, contact the Playground Dive Shop to sign up for either a PADI Discovery Scuba Lesson or PADI Open Water Diver course